Helicopter Rescue From Everest Base Camp

The Everest region of Nepal provides a great variety of options for trekking and mountain climbing adventures. These treks and expeditions require you to travel to high-altitude and remote trails of the Himalayas. Such adventures come with great risks to health, accidents, mishaps, etc. In case of such occurrences, we have a team to rescue Everest base camp or any other Everest trekking trails trekkers by helicopter.

You must have heard about Mount Everest and other tall peaks expeditors being rescued by helicopters. Many climbers who are stranded get rescued by helicopters, especially due to natural occurrences. Such incidents are always hitting your local news portals or international news. But you might not know about our special helicopter rescue provision. We provide helicopter rescue services to people beyond mountain expeditors. Our helicopter rescue services are available to anyone trekking the trails of the Everest region.

There are various reasons why trekkers might need helicopter rescue services on the Himalayan trails. High-altitude trekking brings in a lot of risks for the trekkers. Many trekkers suffer health issues caused by the weather and altitude of the Khumbu region.

Altitude sickness is a major risk while doing treks in the Everest region. You can prevent most altitude-related illnesses by exercising caution, it is sometimes inevitable. Occurrences of minute altitude sickness like AMS can be treated on your own. But severe cases of HAPE and HACE need immediate medical supervision. The remote trails of Everest might not have such services. You need to be taken to a place with proper medical services. Transportation by road is not possible in such remote trails. Hence, immediate helicopter rescue is the best possible option to get help.

Weather-related mishaps also might be life-threatening on Everest trekking trails. Extreme, unprecedented storms and snowfall occur in the Everest region. Avalanches could occur without much warning. Such incidents might leave you stranded, block your routes, cause accidents, or even trigger health issues. In most of these cases, you will have no choice but to find help through the airway. There is no way you can solve these problems on your own. Even expert guides might be unable to help you with some of these issues.

So, in case of the potential occurrence of such incidents, be aware of the helicopter rescue. The helicopter rescue services in the Everest region go as far as camp 2 of Mount Everest. The camp lies at an altitude of 6,400 meters. Almost all trekking trails are below such an altitude. So, the services will be available anywhere within the trekking trails.

If you plan a trek in the Khumbu region, keep the helicopter rescue services in mind. The Everest trekking trails have a lot of rewards for you in store. But it is not a stretch when saying that the place possesses many dangers. You need to walk long distances through many dangerous landforms. Exercising caution while trekking the region is essential. The helicopter rescue service is one of the tools that reassures your safety on such trips.

Be cautious while trekking the region, but also make sure you have your options open. Contact us before venturing on your treks, or keep our contacts close. We at info@nepalhelitours.com have emergency rescue services with our standby team always ready for you.

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Helicopter Rescue From Everest Base Camp