High Altitude Search and Long Line Rescue

Is anyone lost in high altitudes or needed emergency rescues? Our High altitude search and Long Line Rescue programs operated by our experienced team are on standby if you need them.

We know mountains are beautiful. However, sometimes they can turn a little bad. The weather in the high areas is quite unpredictable. And the terrains and landscapes are tricky and confusing.  Thus, trekkers and climbers may have to face unprecedented kind of circumstances. They may lose tracks and get deserted in the mountains.

You cannot remain okay in the mountains; all lost. With no people and communities around, survival becomes problematic in the high altitudes and mountains. Only emergency rescue can save someone isolated.

Therefore, remember us if you ever need a high-altitude search & long line rescue. Nepal Heli Tours is a well-trusted name for helicopter services in Nepal.  Our dedicated, expert, and well-trained pilots and rescue experts are always on stand for search operations. They have excellent experience in both training and search operations under rigorous conditions. Also, our team is known for its proven success record.

Remember us for any High Altitude Search & Long Line Rescue around Nepal.

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High Altitude Search and Long Line Rescue