Kathmandu Valley Heli Sightseeing

Kathmandu valley, housing the capital of Nepal, is the country’s heart and soul. The valley houses many historically, culturally, and naturally significant landmarks. If you wish to see all these places in a day, we just have the perfect tool for you.

We bring you the Kathmandu valley helicopter sightseeing package. The package allows you to explore everything within the Kathmandu valley. You take a scenic helicopter flight and observe the many landmarks inside and adjacent to the valley. A swift helicopter tour that ends in a day will help you complete Kathmandu’s sightseeing.

Kathmandu valley, although not very big, has ample sightseeing spots. The valley is ancient and has experienced a long history and carries a lot with it. The valley has three major cities: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. Each city holds many important sightseeing destinations.

Kathmandu is famous for being one of the largest Hindu temples of Pashupatinath. Along with that, it also houses the ancient Malla king’s palace. This palace is famously known as Hanumandhokha Durbar Square. Along with these significant Hindu cultural monuments, it also houses stupas. The Baudhanath stupa and Swayambhunath stupa are two significant ones in Kathmandu.

The ancient pond of Tau Daha in Chobar and its dam also lies southwest of Kathmandu. The Chobar region houses ancient inscriptions. It also has many temples in its area.

Lalitpur, on the other hand, is a famous hub of development. It holds ancient Malla king’s palaces named Patan Durbar Square. The town of Bhaktapur also is a significant tourist destination. It is the smallest district yet houses the highest number of temples in Nepal. Like the other towns, it also has an ancient palace called Bhaktapur Durbar square.

Observing all these multiple significant visiting destinations in a swift flight will be amazing. Not only just these, but you can also observe a few landmarks adjacent to the valley. Since you will be in the air, a vast region of the area will be visible.

The northern borders of Kathmandu house beautiful natural landmarks as well. The Shivapuri Nagarjun area stretches in Kathmandu’s north. The famous Budhanilkantha area also lies within here. The northern fringe shows the mid-hills of Shivapuri peak, which will be evident in your flight.

The Chandragiri hills adjacent to Thankot are also a famous sightseeing spot. You can catch a glimpse of it on the scenic helicopter tour.

Adjacent to Bhaktapur is the Kabrepalanchowk district. This district house places like Dhulikhel and Sanga. The east face of this area gives beautiful views of mountains and hills. But since we are on a flight, these views might be evident without traveling that far. You might get glimpses of Lhotse and Gaurishankar on this flight from the borders of Bhaktapur.

The helicopter tour we propose will be a great short and sweet trip. It allows you to get ariel views of the whole city without having to exhaust yourself. This package is possible throughout the year except during heavy rainfall. However, we suggest you plan a good day to do the Kathmandu valley heli sightseeing. Planning the tour on a day with a clear blue sky would be the best idea. You will get immaculate views of the city and the views of adjacent hills can also be visible.

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Kathmandu Valley Heli Sightseeing