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Nepal is a picturesque destination for all travelers. The landscapes of this country range from the towering Himalayas to the flat lands of Terai. If you are a photographer or photography enthusiast wanting to capture the rare moments of nature with your camera, then Nepal is the ideal destination for you. Hence, we have come up with an exciting tour package for Photo Photography Tour.

The beautiful tour is ideal for you if you are a photography enthusiast. Roads do not touch the remote landscapes of the country. Even the roads that are connected have challenging paths and are not in great condition. You will have to go through a challenging trekking journey to arrive at the destination on remote trails. Hence, the best possible option in these cases is the helicopter tour.

We provide exceptional heli tours whether it is the base camp of the highest mountain in the world or the stunning remote landscapes. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and others are popular destinations among travelers. The incredible Himalayan pictures you can capture from the viewpoints like Kalapathar are unparalleled. You will get the most beautiful pictures of the Himalayas from these viewpoints.

You can also travel to the religious heritage sites of the hilly region, including Muktinath. The serene settlements of Jomsom and Upper Mustang are other popular travel destinations. You can also travel to the less traveled paths of the country. These offbeat landscapes are yet to get traversed, and a heli tour is perfect for these conditions. You can complete the journey in a single day and travel stress-free without hassles.

Our heli tour is run by a highly experienced team of pilots and crew members. You will have a safe and comfortable travel experience without any hassles. We also provide you with the best possible facilities for emergency conditions. The helicopter flight can also fly with less visibility, and even in tough weather conditions. Therefore, travelers will experience fewer delays and cancellations in the region.

A heli tour is the best way to reduce the itinerary as you will arrive at these destinations. You can complete your journey in a matter of hours compared to multiple days of treks that it would have taken otherwise. You can contact us If you need a helicopter tour to any part of Nepal for your photographic adventures. We assure you of a safe and comfortable aerial adventure. Happy traveling!

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Photo Photography Tour