Rescue from Gokyo

Gokyo is one of the most pristine destinations in the country. This remarkable place in the Everest region of east Nepal has many incredible landmarks. The beautiful area gets known for its fantastic group of lakes known as the Gokyo Lakes. There are seven lakes altogether in the region.

Besides that, the stunning Gokyo valley has other incredible landmarks like the Gokyo Ri trekking peak. The remote off the beaten part of the Everest region. Hence, many travelers prefer their EBC trekking journey to pass through these regions. It allows them to explore virgin territories that have not been explored before.

The pristine location is in the Khumbu region, west of the Ngozumpa glacier. All these lakes are located between 4700 m to 5000 m and are the highest freshwater lakes in the world. The place is also famous for the stunning vista of high-altitude snow-clad mountains above 8000m, including Mt. Everest (8848 m), Makalu (8485 m), Lhotse (8516 m), Cho Oyu (8188 m), and others.

However, in this process of remote exploration, you might face many challenges. First, it takes many days to arrive in his region from Lukla. There are no proper roads; hence, all the distance must get covered on foot. Trekking through the challenging terrains of the area is quite an arduous task, even for the most experienced of travelers.

Located at such a high altitude of around 4790 m, you will face many challenges in the region. There is a high chance of trekkers getting altitude sickness. It is standard if you move up a high altitude above 4000m without proper acclimatization. Your body will need more time to adapt to changing conditions.

There are various health-related issues that you can face in the region, which include injuries, accidents, blisters, cramps, and others. You might have to abandon the trek in these conditions. You will also face weather-related challenges as the weather in the region is quite unpredictable.

Unprecedented rain, snowfall, thunderstorms, and other natural disasters like avalanches are quite common in the region. In these conditions, you are likely to get stuck in the Gokyo region. There is no way out of the area if you get stuck due to these circumstances. Hence, the only way left is the helicopter rescue to Gokyo. There are no other means of air or road travel in the region.

Our helicopter rescued from Gokyo comes in handy in these conditions. These helicopter rescues will provide quick service with just a call. Even after you have landed in Kathmandu, you will get the necessary medical assistance at the requested and authorized hospital. There is also a facility for landing at the hospital if the conditions are severe and the facilities are available.

Our helicopter team comprises experienced professionals, including pilots and crew members. We provide this incredible helicopter rescue service that you can complete swiftly without any hassle. Contact us in advance for helicopter flights required for rescue from Gokyo and other parts of the region.

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Rescue from Gokyo