Rescue from Gorakshep

Gorak Shep, also known as Gorakshep, is one of the most beautiful settlements in the region. It was originally the base camp of Mount Everest (8848.86m), where the first expeditioners set up their camps. Gorak Shep located at a high altitude of 5154m is a seasonal settlement as the climate there is quite extreme.

It is an essential point in the Everest Base Camp Trek, as it is the last settlement before you reach the base camp. Trekkers take around 5-6 days to arrive at this settlement passing through Lukla, Namche, Tengboche, Dingboche, etc. It only takes about 2 to 3 hours to arrive at Gorak Shep from Dingboche.

Gorak Shep is a great rest point for those either ascending or descending along the EBC trail. The beautiful settlement of the region is a convenient place to go to the various points in the area. Hence, it is quite popular among trekkers and climbers. However, Gorak Shep is not a safe place as it lies at a stunning altitude, and the routes leading there are pretty challenging.

One primary cause of risk in Gorak Shep is altitude sickness which is quite common in such altitudes. Anyone arriving at such altitude can suffer from it due to the region’s low level of oxygen and air pressure. Hence, frequent headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and shortness of breath are common in the region. You should descend ASAP for treatment if you feel these symptoms in the high altitude.

If descending is impossible or the conditions get severe, quick helicopter rescue is the ideal solution. Everest region has one of the most challenging landscapes. You will need to pass through various steep and rugged terrains to arrive at this destination. The beautiful routes pass through narrow paths, which will test even the most experienced trekkers.

Trekkers might face various health issues like accidents and injuries like blisters, cramps, and falls. Weather-related challenges, like avalanches, storms, and others, may have you stuck in Gorak Shep. Natural disasters may challenge you requiring immediate evacuation.

Therefore, all the trekkers taking the Everest Base Camp trail must prepare for these factors ahead of the trek. A helicopter trip is ideal in these conditions as it flies over low visibility conditions. It can take you to your destination in a quick time and a comfortable manner.

You will get to travel smoothly at any time of the year and pass above the scenic landscapes. A rescue mission on a helicopter is an ideal option in the Himalayan parts of the country. Over the years, these rescue missions have helped save many lives in the mountains.

Our helicopter rescue from Gorak Shep is a safe and quick trip run by experienced pilots and crew members. You will reach Kathmandu in a short time to get medical assistance. Hence, you will get the best rescue services if you are trekking in the Everest region and are stuck in Gorakshep.

You can contact us before or during the trip so that you will get a quick service in any such unfortunate circumstances. Have a safe trip!

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Rescue from Gorakshep